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Team Jessop 
Across America 4

   Thomas Is Doing It Again!  Team Jessop Across America 4!  
Please ask the President and Congress to meet with him!!!
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Thomas amazed us all  when at 14 years old he rode Coast-to-Coast and lobbied Congress for the Half-Homeless, people who have lost their homes and are forced to live in their Vehicles. At 15 he rode again, this time from San Francisco to Washington D.C. then down the East Coast to the tip of Florida along the Gulf Coast and then to Austin TX, over 6,200 miles. At 16 did it again! And now at 17 he is going to do it one more time. The Half-Homeless Epidemic is Still Growing and there is still almost no help for these people! He started once again in San Francisco on Labor Day, September 2, 2013. He will be following the previous year’s route. Please follow and support him on this epic journey.

He helped found the National Safe Parking Program  ( www.NationalSafeParking.org ) to help cities start their own Safe Parking Programs.He continues to lobby Congress and still trying to meet with President Obama to get help for the Half-Homeless epidemic in America.
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I am riding Coast-to-Coast for the 4th
time in support of the Half-Homeless,
people who have lost their homes
and are living in their cars.
Your support of TJAA is vital to
tens of thousands of new

American Middle Class Homeless.
  Thank You! Thomas

What is Thomas doing?

Where is he going?

Where has he ridden so far?


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